Signs that a Loved One may have a Drug Problem

Nine out of ten people that have a drug use disorder can’t or won’t admit to it. The most common way that someone ends up getting help at a drug rehabilitation center is that a loved one steps in and confronts them about the problem.

We should all be aware of the signs of drug abuse so that we can help our loved ones out of it. Read on to find out some common signs for someone that has a drug problem:


If someone is addicted to something, they will crave more of it at regular intervals. For example, an alcoholic will crave a drink every day and won’t be happy without one. Once they’ve had one, they will crave another and so on until they can’t drink anymore. The same applies to other addictions.

Unusual Outbursts

If you’ve noticed that your loved one gets irritated easily on occasion or seems twitchy and anxious, this could be a result of needing another dose of whatever drug they’re taking. Pay close attention to ensure that you’re correct in your suspicion.

For example, if you notice your loved one expressing unusual emotions, watch to see what they do. If they disappear to the bathroom or bedroom for a few minutes and come back behaving normally again, that could mean they are addicted to something.

If this occurs, confront them about the unusual behavior in a way that makes you come across as supportive of helping them out. Remember that most addicts deny the fact that they are addicted in the first place.

Neglect of Responsibilities

If someone who has been responsible for their duties for a long time becomes neglectful suddenly, it could be a result of drug addiction. If a responsibility clashes with their need for another dose, they will choose the dose over their responsibility.


Someone who is always hiding out in their house and never wants to come out could have a drug problem. Of course, there are people in the world who prefer to be alone, but if it is someone who usually goes out at least on occasion, this is a worrying sign for them.

Alternately, if someone only goes out with a certain group of rather shady people as opposed to the friends they used to hang out with, there’s a high chance that shady group got them hooked on something.

These are some of the more obvious signs of drug abuse. If you have any concern that someone you care about has a drug problem, confront them in a loving fashion and try your best to get them to let you help out. You can help them follow any of these 8 ways to overcome drug addiction or take them to the nearest legitimate drug rehabilitation center.

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