Learn Reiki: The Degrees Of The Usui Reiki System

Traditionally, there are three degrees in Reiki, learn more about them here!
Reiki energy is always present.

It therefore does not need to be taught. Every living being has by nature the potential to access Reiki.

The Reiki teacher is available in the so-called initiations to cleanse the Reiki channel for a higher flow of Reiki.

Reiki is based on energy transfers similar to Kriya Yoga, called syntonies or initiations.

Thanks to syntonies (also often called initiations), the Reiki channel naturally present in each human being must be cleared of blockages and thus the possibility is created to transmit Reiki by the hands.

With the exception of master training, the different degrees of Reiki are generally taught in weekend seminars. View more about Learn Reiki thru this link: https://www.onereiki.net/how-to-learn-reiki-healing/.

The filing system
The Usui Reiki system is divided into several degrees. Each degree of Reiki is complete in itself.

Thus, the student has the possibility to use Reiki effectively for himself and for others already after the first degree.

Traditionally, there are three degrees of Reiki, which are described below. In the meantime, however, schools have also developed, which have further divided them or mixed them with other systems.

If the system is modified, it may no longer be possible to talk about Reiki. Usui himself described his Reiki system as autonomous and complete.

The “Learning Reiki” area and its categories
Reiki – First degree
The first degree of Reiki

Who is initiated into the first degree of Reiki can channel universal vital energy through the hands. Reiki initiates can make themselves available and make other Reiki available for….

Reiki – Second degree
The second degree of Reiki

With the second degree of Reiki, we can channel more vital energy, make it available mentally and emotionally and beyond time and space. This diploma is for everyone….

Reiki – Third degree
The third degree of Reiki

The third degree of Reiki is intended for Reiki practitioners who have already opened their consciousness to their own spiritual parts and who would like to expand and educate even more.

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